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Botanical Décor Subscription Box for every season (CHRISTMAS EDITION)

  • Agotado


If you love Modern Farmhouse with a touch of Glam, this Subscription box it totally for you!!! 

This is what you get in Your Personalized Christmas box:

  • An adorable 'Countdown to Christmas" tree. You (or the kids/grandkids) will add a star for every day alllllll the way till Christmas.
  • A stylish church arch window with a cute greenery wreath, that are hanged with elegant ribbon. Inside the wreath your Family Initial will nicely be displayed.
  • A lush Norfolk Pine plant in a rustic, yet stylish tin container.
  • A Plant Care Card that will help you to develop your growing Green Thumb!
  • A QR Code that will take you to a picture of how to display your Christmas Box.
  • A trendy Faux wood Bookstack, thoughtfully decorated AND with your family name on the cover.
  • 3 Small Faux gifts in different sizes
  • A few pinecones & Faux greenery to complete the display!!

We sold out of our Fall box & are also having a limited amount of the Christmas boxes, just saying...

With every seasonal box you will be able to easily create a homey & inviting atmosphere.

There will always be a lush live plant in a fun seasonal container, paired with personalized handcrafted décor & other on point seasonal items.

A stylish Plant care instruction card, will help you take care of the plant & develop a green thumb! Access to a visual display via a QR Code, enables you to fast & easily create a beautiful display, that will fit anywhere in your home or office. 

It's a Seasonal Box, that will be available at your convince every other month (every 60 days)

A Christmas Box, then we will be all lovable with a Valentine box, An Easter box, A Spring/ Of July Box, Summer Box & A Fall Box. 
You can cancel any time you want, but I hope you stay for a looooong time!!